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The TwinTec Vario 5565 represents, in every way, the optimum walk behind traction auto-scrubber with a range of advanced, yet practical, features that truly allow us to claim… “Best in Class”.

This TwinTec gets its Vario name from the fact that this one machine can, by a no tools adjustment and simple brush change, be set to operate at either a 55cm or 65cm scrubbing width… Two Machine Choices in One.

In the 65cm mode the scrubbing head is automatically expanded to a practical offset operating mode, providing a 100mm head extension to the right hand side. This simple arrangement allows improved edge cleaning especially in aisles with racking or other obstructions.

In normal operation the machine delivers a constant 40Kg of brush pressure but to this we have added a heavy duty spot cleaning feature, allowing the operator to select a 50Kg override setting at any time should it be required.

Add to the exceptional cleaning performance, low noise and excellent manoeuvrability and you have a machine designed to deliver satisfaction on all counts.

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Technical Specs
Model: Brush Motor 2 x 400W/Vacuum Motor 600W
Power: 4 x 12V (24V) = 200A/H
Capacity: 85L
Dimensions: 1052 x 1391 x 1142 mm
Weight: 287kg
Filter Bags N/A
Standard Accessories:
  • Run Time 3.5 Hrs Traction Drive 480 W Transit Speed 4.2 km/h Cleaning Speed 4.2 km/h Climbing Gradient 9% Scrub Width 550 mm/650 mm Brush Speed 200 rpm

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