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The CRX14 professional upright vacuum cleaner gives a 14″ (350mm) cleaning width and offers many other features for commercial use
• Ergonomic design
• Two motors/high performance suction motor.
• Electronically protected belt brush drive poly V
• Multi-level filtering system: double-layer dust bag, engine protection double filter, external pre-filter engine, optional filter Hepa H13– 99.97% @0.3 micron
• On board: extendable tube 4:1, integrated telescopic extension 2:1, accessory compartment, nozzle, brush.
• Indicator light when bag is full.

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Technical Specs
Model: CRX14
Power: 1000W Vacuum Motor
Capacity: 6.5L
Weight: 6.7kg
Filter Bags A4CONSTEC (Packet of 10)
Standard Accessories:
  • Extendable Tube 4:1, Integrated Telescopic Extension 2:1, Nozzle, Brush

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