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This new professional 14″ upright vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning both large open areas as well as tight congested ones.

The low profile and the ability to continue to operate when the handle is completely flat to the floor means the machine can clean under furniture easily.
Superior edge cleaning allows for deep carpet cleaning along the baseboard.

The on-board wand and stretch hose provide for quick and easy cleaning of both high up and difficult to reach areas.

The power head has a multilevel manual adjustment (4 positions) to give superior results on all levels of flooring.

The brush drive motor is electronically protected against overloading and the easy to read LED light system assures that the setting is correct.

Brush strips are utilized that are not only easy to replace when worn, but are less expensive than replacing an entire roller system.

The optional HEPA H13 filter provides the cleanest air quality available (allergy and asthma level)

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Technical Specs
Model: HD14
Power: Vac Motor: 1000W Traction Motor: 200W
Capacity: 6.5L
Dimensions: Working Width 350mm
Weight: 7.6kg
Filter Bags A4CONSTECHD (Packet of 10)
Standard Accessories:
  • On Board Wand & Stretch Hose

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