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Mopping Systems

MMT1616 Mid Mop

Note: Mop not included

Just one look at the MidMop system tells you it’s different and it’s the difference that counts.

Firstly the mop press is in the middle providing full and generous access to both 16-litre mop buckets with our patented internal water reservoir and directional discharge system.

The Allmops press is our well proven design, suitable for Kentucky or Flat mops. The 16-litre mop buckets can be removed and replaced without the need to demount the press.

A second handle to assist in movement, a mop stand suitable for Flat Mops and a swing pail which allows you to keep a few essentials on-board but, by virtue of swing design, does not interfere with the full access to the bucket during mopping use.

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Technical Specs
Model: MMT1616
Capacity: Clean: 16L Dirty: 16L
Dimensions: 680 x 510 x 1020mm

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