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Numatic MMB1616 MidMop

MMB1616 MidMop

The Numatic MMB1616 MidMop system is a compact, dual bucket mopping system that incorporates two large buckets, one for clean and one for dirty water.

The Allmops press wringer diverts dirty water rearwards to the dirty water bucket and is suitable for most mops, including flat mops that require wringing.

The Numatic MMB1616 MidMop has been sustainably engineered from the highest quality recycled plastic, using Numatic’s innovative ReFlo Technology.  The MMB1616 can also be fitted to the front of either the SCG1805AT or PROCARE200 janitorial trolleys.

• 1 Year Warranty
• Heavy Duty Structofoam chassis using ReFlo Technology
• 16L clean water bucket
• 16L dirty water bucket
• Allmops vertical press suits most looped mops and flat mops
• 75mm castors
• Dimensions L680 x W510 x H1020mm

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Technical Specs
Model: Numatic MMB1616
Capacity: 16L Clean Water Bucket & 16L Dirty Water Bucket
Dimensions: 680 x 510 x 1020mm (LxWxH)
Standard Accessories:
  • Allmops vertical press suits most looped mops and flat mops
Other Information: 75mm castors, 1 Year Warranty

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