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ANV180 Aircraft

The ANV180 dry vacuum cleaner has been developed to cater for the demands created when cleaning onboard varying types of aircraft , making it ideal for commercial cleaning applications where the turnaround time between each flight is kept to a minimum.

With an incredible 8 litre capacity  combined with an overall machine weight of 5.6Kg, the power to weight ratio is second to none.

Complete with a fully integrated accessory kit and  onboard storage for the crevice tool and dusting brush,  makes this a truly versatile cleaning product.

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Technical Specs
Model: ANV180
Power: 110V 400Hz
Capacity: 8 Litres Dry Only
Airflow: 40 L/sec
Dimensions: 340x340x340mm
Weight: 5.6kg (Vacuum), 1.37kg (Kit)
Filter Bags 604015 (Packet of 10)
Standard Accessories:
  • 32mm 1.9m Vacuum Hose, 3 Piece Wand Set, Dry Pick Up Nozzle, 240mm Crevice Tool, 60mm Multi Angle Brush

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